We did it

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We did it
     As quickly as the blink of an eye, my first official school year as an English teacher has come to an end. What a ride it has been!
     Looking back on this journey with K1 I can say that my biggest accomplishment was creating a positive carefree environment that promoted learning each and every day. This environment was built through constant encouragement and motivation as well as the implementation of activities that not only made learning fun but pertained to the different intelligences. This allowed me to reach out to each of my students and impulse them to learn and ultimately begin to acquire their second language, English. The outcome was more than pleasant, as they were able to meet all of the textbook’s objectives by acquiring all of the vocabulary words and then some. Which leaves Teacher Kiyomi content as it is a sign she met her goal as well.
     If I had to describe this school year, I would describe it as a constant learning journey. I learned immensely about working with kids at the preschool level, something that had been completely new to me. I learned a lot from my teaching partner Any, in regards to classroom control strategies, how to retain my student’s attention, and fun ways to boost learning. Through observation of my partner and my other fellow preschool teachers, I picked up on plenty of tips and tricks to be more successful in the classroom.
     As in everything, there were also challenges, but by staying consistent and openminded, those challenges were overcome. One of my biggest challenges of the school year had to do with the dreaded “silent period” stage of second language acquisition. During this stage, the children do not speak at all, they are merely listening and trying to process the new language and vocabulary that is being introduced to them. At times, the silent period can cause a teacher to become nervous and doubt their own teaching abilities, as their students are not repeating anything in the target language. But the key here was not becoming discouraged, to continue to surround my students with the target language, and encouraging and praising them each chance I had. It most certainly paid off because sooner rather than later, all of students began to repeat the vocabulary and express themselves in English. Now at the end of the year, speaking in English comes naturally and I could not be any more proud.
     With the closing of this school year, I can say that I feel satisfied and overwhelmed with joy to see just how much my students learned and grew. It’s all about patience, finding age appropriate activities, and of course making learning fun. I hope my students enjoyed their time with me as much as I did. I wish them the best in their future endeavors and that they never lose their eagerness to learn. Thank you to everyone that formed a part of this journey, you made my first year one for the books! Yay we did it! 

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