The Journey has Begun

Autor: Kiyomi :: K1 | Publicado: 2018-10-26 12:45:00
The journey has begun

Our children of K1, despite their young age, have successfully embarked on the exciting journey of learning English as a second language. Through the use of fun yet effective songs, games, and activities, they have learned new vocabulary and content that is relevant to their own lives. In just a little over two months, they have already built a vast vocabulary that not only encompasses the basics, but the people and things that they hold dear to their hearts. Specifically, they have learned how to greet others, identify and name the parts of the face, identify and name the people and things found in their homes, count from 1 to 5, identify and ask for basic foods and drinks, and how to name the essential items of clothing.

With so many accomplishments in so little time, one can only grow in excitement to see the wonders that these little ones will be able to achieve in the remainder of the school year.

Considering all of that, hand in hand we shall continue this journey in learning English as a second language, while at the same time working hard to build confidence and skills that will not only empower them to learn about the world around them but help them grow into well-rounded productive individuals that strive for success in everything and anything they set their minds to.

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