Teaching and Learning with Mobile Devices

Autor: OSIRIS :: K2 | Publicado: 2018-12-13 16:30:00
Teaching and learning with mobile devices

Mobile devices have introduced a new generation of educational tools that afford creative use and instant access to a wealth of resources. These devices hold great potential for transforming learning.  According to a study teachers and students are optimistic about the use and influence of these devices on students’ motivation, communication, and collaboration. Students are generally positive in using mobile devices for learning, which is essential for 21st century education. These devices enable students to control their individual learning and allow learners to switch learning contexts conveniently from formal to informal or personal to social. It keeps students engaged, attentive and motivated and allows interaction with the devices. Teachers also benefit from the use of these devices. There is evidence that mobile devices have encouraged independent learning making it easy for teachers to differentiate individual student needs and share resources with students and among each other. For students, mobile devices are easy to use and attractive. A study also showed that students tend to spend more time and effort in learning tasks that are of interest to them. Doing activities facilitated by the mobile device, students find learning more fun as compared to a typical lecture-based classroom. In K2 we have integrated mobile learning devices which allowed  students to extend learning beyond the classroom walls. 

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