Shaping the Way

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Shaping the way

K1 has started the New Year on the right foot, with plenty of enthusiasm and excitement to continue learning and expanding their English vocabulary. The weeks following Winter Break have been spent on reinforcing and reviewing previous vocabulary as well as looking at new material from Unit 6. It is normal for children to forget information over vacation, so the drilling and reinforcement has been beneficial for all. It reteaches those that forgot and provides an opportunity for extra practice for those that did not forget. In a matter of no time, they have gotten up to date on the past vocabulary, toys, and mastered the new shape vocabulary.

            Through the use of entertaining songs, indoor and outdoor games, sensorial activities, and scavenger hunts, the children of K1 have built a strong and solid knowledge of the most common shapes. These shapes include circle, square, and triangle. This vocabulary will be beneficial to them later in the area of mathematics, as this material serves as the foundation for what they will learn down the road. They have not only learned to name and identify these shapes but to classify them using only the sense of touch. They have also become more observant and aware of these three shapes, turning them into experts in being able to name common objects that resemble these shapes, and point them out in public.

            With such a vast array and variety of activities that they have participated in, many of the multiple intelligences have been covered. Therefore, calling out to the needs of everyone at one point or another. Thus, promoting an inclusive, positive, and stress-free environment for everyone, allowing the opportunity to learn to flow surely and freely through each of them.

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