Play to Learn

Autor: Kiyomi :: K1 | Publicado: 2018-12-13 16:41:00
Play to learn

K1 has continued to move along on their English vocabulary journey. They have recently learned about a topic that greatly interests them, toys. They have learned and acquired the names for common children’s toys, for example, puzzle, ball, truck, train, doll, and blocks.

The contents of this unit have been fun and effective because children tend to learn better when the topic appeals to them, which has been their case with toys. Not only have they seen pictures or watched videos of the target vocabulary, but they’ve received a hands-on learning approach. The have been able to physically touch and play with the toys they are learning about. Thus, creating a bridge between the vocabulary, the actual item, and the concept behind it, boosting their learning process. They have been exposed to the vocabulary in a variety of ways, therefore ensuring that the vast majority get reached out to and are effective in their personal vocabulary building process.

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